Welcome to Abraham Lincoln American Academy

About Us

At Abraham Lincoln American Academy Intellect, Excellence, Creativity and Global Connections are the four pillars upon which our school firmly stands. Serving toddler through 5th grade, the Lincoln School is a place where positivity thrives and students are taught to be accountable, responsible and to lead with integrity.

We prepare students with deep knowledge and understanding of the core content areas of schooling: Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, and Literacy. Additionally, the process of striving to learn is central at ALAA. We support students to understand who they are as learners so that they can advocate for themselves. Social and emotional learning is supported by working with students to develop their own understanding of who they are in relation to learning their communities and the world.

Students are encouraged to participate in extracurricular activities to build a strong and healthy community. Intramural Sports in Abraham Lincoln American Academy provides opportunity for healthy competition and recreational physical activity at the Preschool to Elementary level. Intramural activities and competitions are conducted within and outside our school. We pride ourselves as a strong athletic preparatory school where we groom and harness athletic talents. Our Athletic teams are selected without bias or discrimination. Upon successful entry into our schools’ team, students participate in national and international tournaments. Our school mascot, Logan accompanies our teams to cheer them on!

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