Upper Elementary School (Grades 4-5)

Students are taught by qualified teachers many of whom hold advanced degrees. Student support takes on a variety of forms, from student hours and one-on-one support with Deans to the independence cultivated in the elementary years that inspires students to have a greater sense of responsibility for their education.

Our curriculum differs in the following: the spiraled curriculum features classes that are 45 minutes long, with humanities breaking into English and history, math & science are also taught separately. In grade 5, Academic Enrichment is introduced, offering students time during the day to approach teachers with questions and work independently on homework. In addition to core disciplines, coursework includes classics, two science classes, and Spanish/Arabic.

Students prepare for the cadence, rhythm, and challenge of the curriculum to come. Instruction focuses on attaching abstract thinking to concrete thinking: students transition from reading comprehension to interpretation, from data collection to data analysis, and from mathematical calculation to mathematical reasoning.