After school Activities

Our Extended hours consist of Afterschool Care, Intramurals, Theater/Preforming Arts, Band/Chorus and Athletics. Our programs run from 2:45 -3:45pm daily. Students are given the opportunity to pick an activity for each quarter.



The Lincoln School dance program is designed to provide the highest level of instruction in classical ballet and modern dance, and also facilitates opportunities for dance in other aspects of campus life. Dance students explore their own personal and physical creativity and artistry through the study of movement. The Lincoln School dance offers dance instruction for every student, from the beginner with no previous experience.

Instrumental Music/ Orchestra

Abraham Lincoln American Academy orchestra is comprised of our students and is augmented by faculty members who play instruments. The orchestra gives two performances each year.

Students who wish to play in the orchestra may do so by enrolling in the Orchestra Methods music course, and/or by taking private lessons. This course develops and practices techniques specific to the instrumental musician. Separate class periods are offered for strings, winds, and percussion sections. As students advance in their mastery, they may also enroll in our Chamber Music course. 

Theatre/ Movie Acting

In the fall and spring productions, we tackle drama and comedy of various time periods, Red Riding Hood by Charles Perrault, Three Little Pigs by James Halliwell-Phillipps, Rapunzel by Brothers Grimm and The Grinch who Stole Charismas by Dr. Seuss

In the winter we produce a musical, performed with live orchestra comprised of students and faculty instrumentalists. We invite top producers to watch and spot talents.  

All students are very important onstage and backstage. Students comprise our building crew, paint and designers. We take advantage of whatever talent a student has to offer! Once in production, the stage manager and tech crew take over. Rehearsals are held during intermural period after classes. Students may participate in the theatre program instead of a sport.